Whether you are looking to make a one-off appointment within the financial or professional services industry, or have a remit to achieve multiple hires in-line with business planning and growth, we are here to help.   

Working purely within these sectors means we never spread ourselves thin, and our finger is always on the pulse of industry change and market trends which may drive – or impact – your recruitment needs.

Due to the ever-changing demands and requirements of these markets, we arrive with the relevant knowledge to support your business.

We are firm believers that the key difference between our clients and their competition is the people who work for them. Your team’s personal attributes contribute towards the company culture, while their experiences, skillsets and qualifications could help you achieve growth and success targets.

At City & Capital Recruitment, we offer access to an exciting and ever-growing pool of industry talent, which may be looking for a rewarding career within an organisation such as yours.   

We are experts at asking the right questions as part of a detailed fact find. We take the time to understand your immediate recruitment needs, alongside your unique company culture.  

By working in partnership with you, we represent an extension of your team and are able to share your compelling story in order to attract and engage the highest calibre of individuals – who may otherwise have remained out of reach.

Whether you know exactly what you are looking for, or simply want market insight, we are confident we can make the right introductions to the types of candidates which could help take your business to the next level.

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