Are all networks created equally?


Here at The City & Capital Group, we have recently spent a lot of time researching some of the different financial advisory networks, and our results would suggest that not all of them are created equally!

With so many factors to consider, and a much larger choice in the market, the most appropriate network for you is dependent on the level and type of support you need.  

We’re also keen to know your thoughts too, to help give us an idea of what the industry thinks.

This is why we’ve created a short survey for network members, and we’d be incredibly grateful if you could spare just five minutes to complete it. Some of the questions include:

  • What areas do you advise on?
  • How did you learn about your current network?
  • What is your network doing well, and where could improvements be made?
  • What do you see as the biggest threat to the industry in 2020?

All of your answers will remain confidential, but will aid us in forming the basis of a whitepaper, due to be published later this year!

Here’s a link to all of the questions:

Thanks in advance!


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